14 tweet threads by Simon Wardley to help you learn Wardley Maps


This is a repost of a list of Twitter threads @swardley posted on 27 January 2019:

1/14 Let me fix this, one final last time. Why one size fits all methods whether Agile, Lean or Six Sigma don’t work.

2/14 How to fix procurement, culture & project management when building big systems.

3/14 How can your maps help me?

4/14 Are maps just about technology?

5/14 I know you say it’s a commodity but we’ve decided to custom build this software.

6/14 How to deal with technical debt.

7/14 Our executive team is concerned that we need to up our game in order to out innovate Amazon.

8/14 Can you explain what is serverless?

9/14 When can we get rid of the systems team?

10/14 On Pioneer, Settler, Town Planner.

11/14 Why do you need a System of Theft?

12/14 What do you mean by Capital flow?

13/14 We do LeanAgile!

14/14 I don’t see the point of “open” approaches.