About the Share your map category [you want to read it if you want a badge]

If you have just completed the course and would like to get a badge, prepare a map of your industry and post it here. Other community members will look at it, and if they will find it of high quality, you will earn a badge.

A couple of hints:

  • map alone is not enough. It has to be accompanied by a text description that covers at least two areas:
    • what is the problem you are trying to solve?
    • what have maps revealed to you?
    • (optionally) what are you going to do next.
  • make sure that the map is attached as an image. External services may or may not be accessible in the future, and maps can get accidentally deleted.
  • post the map as a separate topic.

This is the ‘Cartographer’ badge Chris, right?

yes, it is this one.

I started using Atlas2 online. Then decided I really needed it toi work on my MAC so I can work offline. Chris has been helping & finally got a version to work. The problem now is that when I export the json file from the online version & try & import it on to my MAC, it breaks. Broken dependencies. I believe Chris is looking in to this. As soon as it does work I’ll complete mine - it is on digital platform for museums. TBC…

When you said “here” I assumed you meant “here” :smile:

This is my massively simplified map for home working.

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Please find below ref to my submission of a Wardley map to complete my training.

It attempts to map a novel authentication service, the visibility and maturity of the components. I am not sure it is elegant enough for the badge, but submitting to prove I grasped some of the concepts and hopefully get positive feedback.


Hi there,
Please see below my Wardley map for Lighting Manufacturer’s rep.

Please share your feedback and if you like it generate badge of completion for me.

Regards, Kartik

Hey @kartik.thakur and @adrian.slade,

You have to describe three things:

  • what were the problem you were trying to solve?
  • how mapping helped you?
  • optionally, what are your next actions.

Please also post the map as an image or pdf, so others could see it without going to an external tool (which may or may not be available).