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If you have just completed the course and would like to get a badge, prepare a map of your industry and post it here. Other community members will look at it, and if they will find it of high quality, you will earn a badge.

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This is the ‘Cartographer’ badge Chris, right?

yes, it is this one.

I started using Atlas2 online. Then decided I really needed it toi work on my MAC so I can work offline. Chris has been helping & finally got a version to work. The problem now is that when I export the json file from the online version & try & import it on to my MAC, it breaks. Broken dependencies. I believe Chris is looking in to this. As soon as it does work I’ll complete mine - it is on digital platform for museums. TBC…

When you said “here” I assumed you meant “here” :smile:

This is my massively simplified map for home working.