Attempt #2 in wardley mapping [Product Development]



My name is KimSia. I work in the technology industry, and I have created this map:

It shows that:

  • the product in question heavily relies on developer doing custom work for 1 part of the process
  • there’s an opportunity to incorporate existing/future technology that eliminates the need for repetitive custom work by developers

If I had run business in this field, I would do:

  • continuously watch out for emerging tech that removes repetitive custom work by developer

Optionally, I realised that:

  1. after finishing this map, I immediately had an insight that requires redrawing this map specifically pertaining to the activities that are component to the entire value chain. (will do this on a later date)
  2. that I tend to draw maps that reflect my (already decided) view of the value chain in problems I have spent lots of time thinking abt, hence no obvious new insight that I did not already gain from previously thinking about the situation
  3. I did realise that in technology at least, whenever there’s a user request that cannot be translated into User Self Service + Data, it ends up being translated into Developer translating User Request + Developer performing Custom Work + Code. This insight itself is worth the entire exercise!

I would like to discuss this map.

Best regards,