Cartographer, introduce yourself!


This thread is supposed to serve as a way of introducing yourself.

My name is Chris. I am located in Poznan, Poland (GMT +2 Timezone).

My daily work is almost all about mapping - I teach, explain and write about mapping, do some research about/around mapping, and used to code a little bit.

I am heavily interested in strategy (once military, now mostly business), conflicts and psychology, and currently I am working hard to acquire knowledge in adjacent domains (marketing, UX, finances).

I am open for a chat most of the time (albeit it might be difficult to catch me in the afternoon).


My name is John. I am based in Cheshire in the UK.

I am a researcher specialising in digital skills and ICT labour market trends. I have a background in software engineering, but my primary focus is data science.

I have a keen interest in Wardley Maps and consider myself a trainee cartographer. This year I’m helping organise Map Camp North (Manchester).


Hi there,

My name is Alexander, I’m living between Paris, France and Belgrade, Serbia.

I’m a senior software engineer, consultant and author of “Serverless Applications with Node.js”. Also AWS Serverless Hero.

I loved Wardley maps the moment I saw them, would also consider myself as trainee/novice. I’m trying to organize Map Meetup in Belgrade and have “infected” dozens of individuals with Wardley maps. I’m also writing a blogpost now on how I’ve shown the Wardley Map of the my current company on my first interview and impressed the COO. Also, as an experiment, I’ve made a serverless JARVIS Alexa skill to develop applications by talking to Alexa.



I’m Marcus. English but based in Moscow.

Ex-GM in professional service firms in Russia and Asia. For my sins also ex-strategy guy in Big 4.

Started own business (narrative insights) in 2013 to take complexity-based approaches to Russian companies (Cynefin, SenseMaker) but challenging economic times forced me to become global, which has had significant benefits. Still want to crack the large Russian market so started using Maps about 12 months ago to just get decision-makers to understand their context better and where they might need complex approaches. Turned out Maps bit – people just get them and business is moving over to Mapping in Russia big time.

Launching Russian site to help spread Maps across the country – using it to undermine traditional consultancies hopefully as they are ripe for disruption. Network forming round it here and through my connections with the Cynefin global network we’re also spreading it to a few other countries hopefully.

Not a tech guy at all – so learning a lot from people and hoping that I add a bit of diversity for resilience.



I’m Julius. Currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I’m also a Consultant - about 70% on the tech side (software engineering, architecture, and teams) and 35% on the business side.

The old PDF book “The Future is Predictable” (can’t remember how I came across it) was the final piece that got me hooked on Wardley Maps. Since the maps cover a lot of different aspects with varying levels of complexity, one has to learn to make them, use them, teach/persuade others, etc, I find it exciting and tiring :slight_smile:

In that aspect, this community helps. A quote I find helpful:

“One begins with enthusiasm, then as some difficulty arises, the demon of laziness whispers: What is the good? Our vision of the goal grows dim; the fruit of effort is too distant or appears too bitter; we have a vague sense of being duped. It is certain that the support of others, their example, the exchange of ideas, would be admirably efficacious against this gloomy mood; they would supply the place in many people of that power of imagination and constancy of virtue which only the few possess, yet which are necessary for the persevering prosecution of a great purpose.” (page 55 in “The Intellectual Life” by A.Sertillanges)

Thanks for the channels (here, slack, etc) and the events (meetups, mapcamps, etc) that help bring us together :slight_smile: