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Hi Christian,

There are strategy courses taught as part of the entrepreneurship program at my university; however, they tend to be fairly traditional in nature.

When I introduce entrepreneurial strategy In my own courses in which students typically develop go-to-market plans and build startups, I draw on some of Simon’s concepts (e.g., his framing and introduction to strategy in Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones) and material from Scott Stern at MIT.

Scott teaches a popular entrepreneurial strategy course at MIT.

You can learn more about it at, which includes links to a pdf of his textbook, a number of his published articles, as well as access to the full courseware that he uses at MIT.

The license for his courseware is quite flexible and allows you to leverage it in your own teaching or work.

Does this help?


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It does, thank you. I don’t think I’ve read Scott Stern’s work. I’m always curious to see if a program teaches courses on strategy specifically or folds into other concepts along the way