Archive 27/02/2024.

Changes to the login mechanism


Hey folks,

I want to bring 2FA to everyone in this community, so I am testing Discourse built-in identity provider.

What will happen?
There is a couple of steps that need to be taken one after another. Unfortunately, it means inconvieniences.

Historically, we have used Auth0 to verify the identity, because it was one service that ruled the identity for this forum, Atlas2 (a mapping tool, now archived) and the first mapping online course (archived, too).

This forum was operating using now-legacy pricing mode which was very cost-efficient. But introducing changes was limited.

I want to remove the dependency on Auth0 and use Discourse built-in 2FA authentication mechanism.

How will I be affected?

You need to reset your password because Discourse kept local copy of your email but not password (which is quite sensible). Your data will not be lost, but you have to use your email and set a new password.

What about social logins?

They will be shut down for now.

And what if I have problems?
Ping kdaniel22 at a mighty company (and this domain).