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Create a map and win free entry to MapCamp this fall


Update: We still have some tickets left, so the contest is extended till the end of August! (Posted on 8th of June 2018)


  1. Create the best map you can that illustrates a certain area of your environment. Attach an explanation of what problems you tried to solve and what were the results.
  2. Post it An account is required to do that.
  3. Simon will pick 5 of the most interesting maps (at his sole discretion), and their authors will receive a free ticket to map camp. PS. Getting community upvotes will certainly help!
  4. Results will be announced on 8th of June 2018.
  5. Maps have to stay public till the end of MapCamp. Please do not share any information of a confidential or sensitive nature.

And winners are: @joapen, @kennedy and @kimsia!



Thanks! Hope you are okay if I continue to send more maps. I want to get better at this.


Sure, maps are always welcome!