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Creating Wardley Maps using Lambda Functions


Please see and let me know what you think of if

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You may want to get in touch with this guy


Yap, I already had a thread with them. The concept is very similar, the question I asked them was around how they actually create the map



I like your work, and I am very curious where it will end.

What I have found challenging while I was working on Atlas2, was to keep the same engine to render a map that could be manipulated via the web interface and rendered server side.

The manipulation is always a challenge here - all those UI metaphors that may require adopting in order to make drag & drop work.

during my past research, I also found and The latter was the basis for the Atlas2, but I did it completely wrong. My latest attempts to create abstractions around jsplumb stalled (if you have plenty of time, checkout and - it is a concept of the wardley map rendering & editing engine).