Crossing the river by feeling the stones

There might be better ways to spend a bank holiday weekend than watching every one of Simon’s “Crossing the river by feeling the stones” presentations. At least every one I could find on Youtube. That was 20 and over 9 hours.

It was a fascinating voyage. I learnt many things. Here’s some:

  1. Simon continues to discover new ways to use the map and so is probably always going to be ahead of the pack.
  2. Some of his analyses (CEO tracking via private jet, weak signals) are fascinating.
  3. The content changed from 2014, the first I could find, to early this year. Obviously, if you do a world tour your delivery will be more polished, but some stuff is evolving. Does Simon keep a map of his presentation?
  4. History is less important now and interpretation is more important.
  5. Strategy is a loop, rinse and repeat.
  6. Optimising evolutionary flow before process flow and Cell based work is gaining prominence
  7. Agile is getting less stick now Prof Elizabeth Shove’s social practice has been introduced.
  8. Herbert A. Simon only came up once or twice. I think his ideas about subsystems doesn’t necessarily fit into strategic mapping. I’m with Fossy on this.
  9. The culture mapping in the last but one talk (Brighton 2019-12-15) could easily be a whole discussion to itself.

That’s about it. I have a spreadsheet where I collected the notes. I suppose I should map the whole lot but I’m still a bit shell shocked by the experience.