Customer Portal MVP


My name is Francois. I work in the freight industry, and I have created this map:
This a map to understand the implementation of a customer portal, starting with basic services.

It shows that:

  • Data should quickly move to the right (for reliability, accuracy and
  • Exisiting products (CRM, ERP) can be improved
  • Technical infrastructure can be easily optimized (cloud)

If I had run business in this field, I would do:

  • We can improve on the technical stack (commoditize servers, API gateway and hardware on the cloud)
  • We have to improve on the data side and bring it to the product level
  • We certainly have to rethink our ERP and CRM needs

I was surprised to learn that customers data was stuck in the genesis field for a while due to a legacy CRM system which master data scheme is poorly understood and data not yet accessible through an API

Best regards,

This is fantastic insight, Francois!

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