Dataless Cloud Services

I suspect December 2022 will mark the emergence of “dataless” cloud services, separate from “serverless” cloud computing. With the tagline “We manage and model the big data, so you don’t have to”, this scene will work with different perspectives that serve a different set of needs.

In July 2019, Microsoft announced its intention to invest $1 billion in OpenAI to support “us building artificial general intelligence (AGI)”. Could Bing replace Google as the nextgen default search engine with a ChatGPT-like UI/UX? Bing + LinkedIn + GitHub + VSCode telemetry + Windows + Xbox + Azure + AI/ML accelerator hardware (if Microsoft acquires, say Tenstorrent?) will make MS a formidable player and both a threat to AWS and Google.

I’m working through a few Wardley maps to try and draw some distinctions and identify specific needs.

Any thoughts?

That actually sounds very plausible.

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Candidate “Dataless” Framework #1

JARVIS - a collaborative system that consists of an LLM as the controller and numerous expert models as collaborative executors