Design thinking

I offered to read “the design thinking playbook” and create a digest. Am I right to be appalled?

It’s almost like the techniques have been pulled from various sources with no attribution or reference. There’s a possibility that they’ve been simplified, but why? We’re grown-ups.

This appears to be what we do with wardley mapping, well I think it is. They miss many team techniques (like liberating structures) that it seems old fashioned. Thoughts?

The 9-window tool is a simple method for analyzing potential application cases and customer needs. In so doing, the product or service is more closely examined in the dimensions of “system” and “time.”

I’d like to learn more about your thoughts!

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So one of the things that first alerted me to DT problems was an article on medium. If I find it I’ll add it later.

Here’s another article that calls DT “the new waterfall”

My concern is that DT promotes inclusive working. Yet the team needed will be expensive to keep together. And they are not really providing a reasonable RoI.

I can understand when a wardley map points to huge savings when system usage is integrated. That only needs a single experienced mapper.

Similarly small development teams using one of several practices based on TOC can elicit customer feedback at low cost.

DT is vague and ponderous; do some brainstorming, then choose a solution.

Iterative team working has moved on since DT yet people keep teaching it.

DT probably only works in large organisations or the public sector. In these cases the inefficiency can be hidden as so many staff are exploited wage slaves. Harsh, but as DT recommends participants with T-shaped skill sets, it is a practice for the elites.

@elves, I am not very proficient with Design Thinking. I have read the article you have mentioned, and I think I can feel your concerns more than understand them, but we can go almost like point by point and see how things can be reconciled with mapping or where the differences are.

DT can probably work in large organisations because those forgot how to do basics, I think :).