Archive 27/02/2024.

Drones/UAVs market map



My name is Mario Torres. I work in the autonomous vehicles industry, and I have created this map:

It shows that:

  • chip producers have an incentive to make the autonomous software of drones more available, so that new companies flourish, which will lead to selling more chips.

  • Drones are becoming commodity, thus drone producers try to move up the value chain, either by creating their own services or by partnering with service providers.

  • Technologies like collision avoidance become a product.

If I had run business in this field, I would do different strategies depending on which business I have.
If I were a drone producer, like DJI, I would push the company to move in two directions:

  • up in the chain, offering more software services (e.g. 3D reconstruction, Advanced control stations, etc)
  • Would keep moving to make drones a commodity, that would inhibit newcomers (since I would keep a large market share, optimizing the prices to fit my production costs), and would create more SDK (Software Development Kits) to use my drone platform. That way, the whole market would always be connected to me, helping me sell more drones and become more valuable to other companies as well, not easily being replaced by a new competitor.

I would like to discuss this map.

Best regards,
Mario Torres


What is the user journey in this map?


That is some interesting point of view to make the map richer.
In the current map, the user simply need a infrastructure overview. It would be interesting to map how the
user can get the information she needs.


Hello Mario, This is great - thanks. I am ready to discuss it in details if this is still of interest to you or someone.
I think UAV market is moving a lot and we might update the map - i also think the end-user needs is related to actionnable data for its business. I feel it might be difficult to capture everything on a single map vs maps per vertical / dedicated use cases identified for UAV.
I am a UAV player since 6 years now and would love to further dig into Wardley maps related to UAV.