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Examples on Wardley Maps for Education sphere


I work at a private folk high school, and I am trying to get my head around how to use the Wardley mapping for the strategy to get more students to the school.

Could any of you point me to some good ressources with examples from the private school and education sphere as a starting point? Or will the Wardley maps not be a good fit to map out the competition and user needs.


Hey @lsolesen,

first of all, thank you so much for posting here.

At some point in time, you might need to look at maps covering education that are available here, with instructions being here.

My opinion:

It might be worth looking at your customers and their needs.

This is the first mapping step - and it will serve you well regardless of whether you decide to use maps or not. If you go beyond ‘need to get kids educated’, you will probably find things such as:

  • get access to social events (for parents)
  • network (for kids AND parents)
  • get a mindset that will work for kids throughout their entire life
  • and others.

When you get a reasonable set of those, you might think about marketing - how to reach proper people with your message, and the capabilities that you need to build to satisfy those needs and necessary investments (here mapping can help).


Hi Lars,

Welcome again to this forum. With “folk high school” do you mean a a place for adults to learn, socialise and pursue topics of interests in the more Scandinavian tradition. Your customers might seek a sense of belonging, and would prefer places that align with a brand: gymnastics, outdoor, ymca etc. you could include how evolved a brand is in your school.

Maps around communities and Me versus We. Off the beaten track — exploration. | by swardley | Medium might give further guidance.

Hope this helps, Jesper