Figma - Mapping Template

Hi all :wave: very happy to be here.

I wanted to share a link to my first mapping template using the free online tool Figma. Using Figma allows me to collaboratively edit the map online and also use the comments feature to discuss points of interest on the map.

Here is the Figma Wardley Mapping Template

Feedback and experiences using the template much appreciated. I plan to update the template to add more components over time.



Hi Ben,

is it possible to have connections attached to nodes?


Figma is built around wireframing and desiging UI, so it only has concepts of groups and layers, and some simple components that can generate instances. There is an extensive plugin system so there might be some plugin that could hold the graph and aid in drawing the relationship lines between components

Hi Chris,

Not that I’m aware of: I was able to get the lines to snap to the centre of a node, and then I could group them so the line stayed connected, but not to connect two nodes.

I recently had some luck with a different tool: getting nodes to connect properly.