Helper for determining the stage of evolution


I created a helper for determining where to place things on the evolution axis.


Any plans to open source this app?


Here’s an alternate helper for the “different way” elaborated by @chris.daniel in Evolution explained in a different way.


As this was a prototype, I didn’t use version control or any good software dev practices and coded directly in the browser and set up infrastructure on AWS. What part in particular would you like open sourced? If it’s the input widget code, the current workaround would be to view source on the page :slight_smile:. If it’s saving the output, the current workaround would be to bookmark the final (/report?id=...) URI, those are persistent.

What use case are you thinking of?


Nicely done. Visual methods are very helpful for making sense of things. The alternative (shorter) version is great too. Gotta keep the friction low. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what led you to use the triad instead of something like a dipole?


If you create a public repo there’s a good chance other members of the Wardley community will contribute to development and testing. For example, one issue I would raise is GDPR opt-in.


I think I did that on a whim. If it was a dipole, that’d be a lot more questions… and I remember something about choosing amongst three things being easiest for people.


The only thing I can think of requiring GDPR opt-in would be Google Analytics. I removed them.


The triangle widget bit now has a public repo using late Pieter Hintjens’ Collective Code Construction Contract