How to write maps quickly?

I watched this 10 min intro video by Wardley (Episode 1 : From Cloud to DevOps to Serverless in under 10 minutes using maps. - YouTube) and noticed how he quickly add components (with perfect position and sometime also with connectors). Can someone guide me how to do that? when i double click on the map i am able to create a component but I have to move it around manually and if i want a connector I have to edit the raw text on the left.

Any other tools people use?


Simon might be using something like commenting feature. The “behind the scenes” for that effect can best be seen in this presentation by Adrian Cockroft Map Camp 2020 | Maps, Games and Morality - YouTube.

Mapkeep supports a similar type of effect using the idea of a Map Timeline: comment notes demo. One of the reasons I built was to quickly author maps in a browser. Its use is demonstrated in a series of these developer updates: Developer Update #1 - Mapkeep - YouTube


interesting! thank you Tristan

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I’ll just pile on… I like to have a “menu” of things before I add relationships and position left to right for evolution, so my $0.02 is to make a list first. Users, needs, capabilities, etc. Then use that list like a menu.

When people make maps quickly, it’s often because they have already been working in the domain long enough to have the things in the domain memorized… so they don’t need the intermediary step.

thanks Ben.

I am playing with and got used to it. I really like the fact that it’s open source and I am using it locally (here is the codebase: GitHub - damonsk/onlinewardleymaps: - Draw Wardley Maps in seconds using this free online tool).

I was not able to add connectors using the mouse so please let me know if that’s possible. Currently I just add the components by double clicking on the mouse, than I position the component using the mouse and I add the connectors manually using the a->b syntax.

I noticed that when I click on the ctrl button, all the nodes are highlighted. does anyone know if it serves any function?

Also i found a bug - hitting escape messes up the UI.

Just a few random observations and questions in an attempt to improve my workflow.


@orengolan could you open an issue for the UI problem you ran into? Issues · damonsk/onlinewardleymaps · GitHub

done - Bug: Esc key moves the location of a circle · Issue #112 · damonsk/onlinewardleymaps · GitHub

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theoretically, Wardley Map is a Wardley Map, but in reality, there are two types: work maps and story maps.

Work Maps

Work maps are when the real work happen. They are created with exploration in mind, and you as the author actually do search for a good representation of the environment. This is how they can look like.

Story Maps

They are built a bit later with the purpose of tranferring understanding of the situation to the audience. They are much less collaborative in nature, and are built to elicit response. I have put together a blog post describing how to build them.

If you see a map of the second type being created live, you should assume that a lot of unadvertised prework has been already done.

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Thank you Chris. I started reading through your blog and it’s fantastic! I just watched the interview video with Joaquín Peña Fernández about managing your career with Wardley Maps and it’s incredible. Thanks again!

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