Is there a manual for the syntax for the online mapping tool?

Hi folks …

Is there an M for me to RTFM for the online mapping tool at OnlineWardleyMaps - Draw Wardley Maps in seconds using this free online tool

Hi @andrew

If you click on “Example Map,” the tool generates an example map wit h the syntax.
Once you have a component placed anywhere on the map, you can move it around and the numbers of the left adjust themselves.

I’ll just add that there is also a “Show Usage Instructions” link towards the bottom that dumps out some useful documentation. A little hard to see, but it’s there!

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Let me rephrase my question to be more specific … Is the code used in the example map the entirety or a subset of the diagram parser’s capability?

e.g. style wardley … Are there other styles, and if so, what?

Ideally, there’s some documentation which details this.


Quite by accident, I moved the browser window to another monitor and noticed I could scroll down and there it is!

UX design fail! … :joy:


Might be a worthwhile thing to mention over in the GitHub issues!