Issue with the Visibility/Value axis

Hi fellow cartographers,

I’m currently starting to play with Wardley Maps to learn the concept and find how to apply it but I’m struggling with the meaning of the vertcal axis of the map. It seems to carry 2 related but different meanings:

  • Visible/Invisible: How visible and important the component is for the anchor/user
  • Need chain: How components are linked

In one of my first pet project map, I’m running in a case where I feel 2 components should be of equal visibility/importance for the user. But as the first needs the second, the second ends burried down the chain… which feels wrong.

Here is the example:

Am I doing it wrong ? Pliz halp :pray:

It’s a partial order system. Components cannot be compared on the Visibility axis unless they are both dependencies to the same component.

Your value chain shows exactly that, and you are doing it right!


Thanks Daniel for your quick answer ! :+1:

I hope it was helpful!