It is who do you know. Not what do you know


I reflected upon Wardley Mapping and personal growth:

  1. All people exchange value all the time. Opportunity comes when you are in the close proximity of value exchanges and you can propose improvements. Most people can improve something, so it is usually not a big deal.
  2. The higher is the value of exchanges you influence, and the more significant improvements you deliver, the faster is the initial adoption of your services.
  3. Hard work is essential, BUT it does not bring you closer to high-value transactions.
  4. For that reason, there is no point in copying successful people habits until you know they will help you to get into the right place, in which you will be able to succeed.
  5. The most shocking enabler I have heard of was buying an expensive horse!
    Yep, horse-as-a-strategy. It put the person into the right environment and opened high-value opportunities. Potential customers shared their problems and challenges during horse riding.

Summary: So yes, hard work is valuable and critical factor of your success, but it does not determine it. Your ability to find your niche, to get closer towards your potential customers and their exchanges is far more important, and it requires excellent networking skills as well as (usually expensive) buying in target communities, more than once. It is just not up to everyone taste.