Map Camp, London 2020

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Is there a call for papers John?

The topic: It is not the map but the mapping that matters, echos very much my current efforts about Mapping by Stealth and bringing the concepts into practice.
I think that there is a bottom up approach too which is the idea of Strategy to the People.

I also like the topic of: Why have I not learnt this at business school. I remember being super interested in the BCG matrix when i graduated and studying the competition over Media standards. I still use this to explain how this was the shaping of more complex Digital Strategies for which tools like Wardley Maps (but more simply Value Chains) allow to visualise the Digital Value Chains and drive strategy at macro / micro elements.

In fact, I was critical of MBAs claiming innovation with a module on Design Thinking the other day, and said that I would eat my words when MBAs will have Cynefin, Wardley Maps, Digital Strategy, Systemic Leadership, Digital Operational Excellence and Engineering on their curriculum… :slight_smile:

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I sounds like you need a rainbow topic that covers as many as of the themes in one talk.

@pguenet due to time constraints, there isn’t a call for papers this year.