Archive 27/02/2024.

Map of University Undergraduate Education


This is a starter map of University Education, with most detail from the perspective of current Universities.

There is a lot going on here, with

  • disruption from Moocs
  • employers starting to take employees with non degree learnings
  • legacy impedance to change (legacy that was once cutting edge)
  • Universities disrupting themselves with Online content
  • Stuff that online education provides may struggle to do

This is a conversation starter map. It’s far from perfect, to allow people to own their improvements :slight_smile:

I’ve got other maps of some of the other purposes of Universities. Everything is, of course, connected to everything else :slight_smile:

I’m a map novice, so nice advice appreciated.


I think that you gave it a pretty good start indeed.

I think you can look at simplifying the map to focus on the message that it is driving and then potentially look at submaps if you need to go into the details.

There are plenty of areas to explore:

  • Initial training vs life long learning and how those may eventually fuse
  • Cycle of training in a fast changing environment. Unis have way too long a cycle to refresh some of the courseware.
  • Technology training vs Soft skills - Could it be that AWS / Google would step into this market to train the skills that they need?
  • MBAs and their misalignment to the new ways of working
  • Training vs Mentoring vs Coaching

I could go on…


Hi Pguenet,
Thanks for the feedback - Yes there are lots of ares to look at.

  • Initial Training and lifelong learning (and research collaborations and scholarships and placements…there are lots of connections. I’m not sure if Wardley Maps are the best choice here though.
  • Universities are not strong on the feedback cycle. Traditionally it’s way too long. Competitors can adapt based on data far quicker
  • Universities provide the opportunity to study tech + cost skills in depth together. I’m not sure how easy and cheap this is to industrialise? It would need to be a product, and then may not be fit for purpose?
  • Training vs Mentoring vs Coaching is interesting for a Undergraduate Model. It’s a journey that is far longer than the traditional 3/5 years

I’m not sure that Universities are certain to be disrupted - however they’ll need to have environmental awareness :slight_smile:
Everything in the two models is available from Undergraduate University Prospectuses. There is loads more to this I’m sure.