Archive 27/02/2024.

Mapping a Wand’rin’ Star


Wand’rin’ Star is from the soundtrack of Paint Your Wagon and was a number one single for Lee Marvin in 1970. For something completely different, I thought I’d try and map the needs expressed in this song. I’ve not seen the film, so the context is based on my interpretation of the lyrics and music video.

Paint Your Wagon is based in California in the 1850s. I have little knowledge of this period, so my interpretation is biased and probably missing several important factors. Also, I’ve based the needs on the sentiments of a single character and even worse on my interpretation of the lyrics of his song.

So, what are the first few questions you would ask to gauge the validity of a Wardley map?


@john.grant, I can feel the anxiety just by looking at the Anxiety component and underlying value chain!