Phase I - 1 - Development - Know Your Users - Know What Your Users Are Trying To Achieve

This is a Request For Comments about how to structure doctrine in terms of microdoctrine (a pattern language for implementing and learning doctrine)

Phase: Stop Self Harm
Category: Development
Principle: Know Your Users
Practice: Know What Your Users Are Trying To Achieve

Any value we create is through meeting the needs of others. A mantra of “not sucking as much as the competitors” is not acceptable. We must be the best we can be.

Consider these first:
Know Who Are Your Users

Illustrative description:
In order to meet the needs of others, we need to know what they are trying to achieve.

Detailed description:
Understand purpose, direction, and motivation. What is each user’s “official” purpose (e.g. reduce unemployment, customer service)? How are users achieving their purpose (e.g. they outsource the work, consultants teach them)? What drives the users (e.g. bonuses, challenge)? Are there other stakeholders that drive them (e.g. laws and regulations)?


Consider next:
Listen To Your Users

Reproduced and adapted from writings by Simon Wardley under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.