Phase I - 4 - Communication - Understand What Is Being Considered

This is a Request For Comments about how to structure doctrine in terms of microdoctrine (a pattern language for implementing and learning doctrine)

Phase: Stop Self Harm
Category: Communication
Principle: Understand What Is Being Considered

There is a strong correlation between awareness and performance, so focus on this. Try to understand the landscape that you are competing in. Understand any proposals in these terms. Look before you leap.

Consider these first:
Know The Details

Illustrative description:
Strategic gameplay is complex and it doesn’t fit into a nice 2x2 diagram. There is a great wealth of patterns to learn, understand and apply. These will help with handling the complexity of competition. Like in any competition, maps and situational awareness are critical to the outcome.

Detailed description:
Understanding what is being considered requires focus on situational awareness. First, Understand Evolution and Understand Types Of Components. To understand situation, landscape, and climate, Map The Landscape.

Understand Evolution
Understand Types Of Components
Map The Landscape

Consider next:
Use A Common Language

Reproduced and adapted from writings by Simon Wardley under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.