Phase I - 9 - Development - Use Appropriate Methods

This is a Request For Comments about how to structure doctrine in terms of microdoctrine (a pattern language for implementing and learning doctrine)

Phase: Stop Self Harm
Category: Development
Principle: Use Appropriate Methods

In business, the industrialized domain encourages coherence, coordination, efficiency, and stability. Yet, the discovery of new capabilities in the uncharted domain requires experimentation. Any structure, a company, or a team, needs to manage both of these polar opposites. Components are also evolving between these extremes. These transitional components have a different set of characteristics. They need a third mechanism of management.

Consider these first:
Bias Towards Data

Illustrative description:
Certain components are suitable for outsourcing and others we should build in-house.

Detailed description:
Use Agile Methods in the uncharted space. As the component evolves, Use Lean Methods. Use Six Sigma Methods for industrialized components. Use Appropriate Purchasing Methods depending on evolutionary stages. Any significant system will have components at different stages of evolution. At any one moment in time, there is no single method that will fit all. Add appropriateness of methods to the list of challenges.

Use Agile Methods
Use Lean Methods
Use Six Sigma Methods
Use Appropriate Purchasing Methods

Consider next:
Becoming More Context Aware

Reproduced and adapted from writings by Simon Wardley under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.