Archive 27/02/2024.

RealtimeBoard - Mapping Template


Introduced at slack channel by @bemosior.[UNIQID]


Yes! I’m beginning to love Wardley Mapping in RealtimeBoard, which is basically virtual sticky note software. I have trouble maintaining the edges between nodes in basically any other medium, but it’s easy to do here.

As shared in the link above, I’ve also created a canvas template for use in RealtimeBoard. I’m still testing it out, but it seems relatively easy to use.


Like the step by step approach; great if you are just starting out with mapping too.


Good news: The Wardley Mapping Canvas is now a default template in RealtimeBoard!

I also got to introduce it through a guest post:

@krzysztof.daniel I hope you don’t mind that I pointed people towards this community at the end of the post.