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Research Paper - Building Situational Awareness in the Age of Service Ecosystems


Building Situational Awareness in the Age of Service Ecosystems, 2019
Pujadas, R., Thompson, M., Venters, W., Wardley, S.


We discuss the little-explored construct of situational awareness, which will arguably become increasingly important for strategic decision-making in the age of distributed service ecosystems, digital infrastructures, and microservices. Guided by a design science approach, we introduce a mapping artefact with the ability to enhance situational awareness within, and across, horizontal value chains, and evaluate its application in the field amongst both IS practitioners and IS researchers. We make suggestions for further research into both construct and artefact, and provide insights on their use in practice.

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Interface Reasoning for Interacting Systems (IRIS) is an EPSRC programme grant-funded project. IRIS aimed at developing a systematic theory and automated verification tools for reasoning about interfacing and communication between complex, large-scale systems.

  • IRIS Project

  • Paper accepted for the ECIS 2019 conference announcement.

  • ECIS 2019 - 27th European Conference on Information Systems, Stockholm & Uppsala, June 8-14 2019.