Strategy Books everyone should read

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# Author Title Link Summary Comments
1 Simon Wardley Wardley Maps Medium
2 R. Rumel Good Strategy/Bad Strategy Amazon
3 S.Bungay Art of Action Amazon
4 H.Mintzberg Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Management Amazon
5 C. Richards Certain to Win Amazon Certain To Win by Chet Richards: Summary & Notes
6 D. Vandergriff Mission Command Amazon :white_large_square: help needed
7 D. Jacobs Mapping Strategic Diversity Amazon :white_large_square: help needed
8 J. Willing Strategy and Tactics Amazon Leadership Strategy And Tactics Summary- Four Minute Books.
9 M. Zeng Smart Business: What Alibaba’s Success Reveals about the Future of Strategy Amazon
10 R. Keidel The Geometry of Strategy: Concepts for Strategic Management Amazon :white_large_square: help needed
11 Chris Bradley, Martin Hirt, Sven Smirt Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick: People, Probabilities, and Big Moves to Beat the Odds Amazon
12 M. Porter Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors Amazon Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors [Review] | Culttt
13 J. Boyd Patterns of Conflict Slidedeck
14 Roger Martin Playing to Win Amazon
15 Sun Tzu Art of War Translations The Art Of War Summary and Review - Four Minute Books. Read all translations. Summaries may not be the best choice here.
16 Dave Snowden Cynefin Wiki Cynefin 101 – An Introduction
17 McChrystal Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World Amazon Key takeaways from Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal | by Beau Gordon | Medium
18 Kilcullen The Dragons and the Snakes: How the Rest Learned to Fight the West Amazon #Reviewing The Dragons and the Snakes
19 @EricBeinhocker The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity, and the Radical Remaking of Economics Amazon Beinhocker's The Origin of Wealth - Jason Collins blog
20 Kalbach Jobs to be Done Playbook Amazon Book Review: The Jobs To Be Done Playbook :: UXmatters
21 Gary Hamel Competing for the future Amazon
22 Clayton M. Christensen Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice Amazon Competing Against Luck Book Summary, by Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, David Duncan | Allen Cheng
23 Mintzberg Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Strategic Management Amazon Strategy Safari Book Summary, by Henry Mintzberg, Joseph Lampel, Bruce W. Ahlstrand | Allen Cheng
24 Mintzberg The rise and fall of strategic planning Amazon A critique of Strategic Planning - a summary of the Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning - COCo
25 P Schwartz. The Art of the Long View Amazon
26 Robert M. Grant Contemporary Strategy Analysis Amazon :white_large_square: help needed
27 Janmejaya Sinha, Knut Haanaes, and Martin Reeves Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose and Execute the Right Approach Amazon Your Strategy Needs A Strategy Book Summary, by Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, Janmejaya Sinha | Allen Cheng
28 David A. White, Mehrdad Baghai, and Stephen Coley The alchemy of growth Amazon Synopsis #12 – Have you read “The Alchemy of Growth”?
29 Hugh Courtney 20/20 Foresight: Crafting Strategy in an Uncertain World Amazon 20/20 Foresight: Crafting Strategy in an Uncertain World - HBS Working Knowledge - Harvard Business School
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