Using map phases to do physical filing

Simon goes on about maps having direction and distance.

I was putting a mains extension lead into a drawer when I realised that the drawer below already had a mains extension in it. So I put the two together. But into which drawer?

This pedestal has four drawers and that reminded me of the four areas of wardley mapping.

In true simon wardley manner I could use these areas to map storage for filing, projects, equipment, tools, etc.

For years I’ve tried to use mind maps to organise my “stuff”. But a mind map is a hierarchy and that has no direction. Position is meaningless.

Taking my four drawer pedestal as a metaphor for Wardley mapping I should have.

  • odd notes, ideas in the top drawer
  • one off, in the second drawer
  • things that I use repeatedly (proposal templates) in the third drawer
  • utilities, tools in the bottom drawer

Can you think of other ways to use the phases of wardley mapping in the physical world?

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@elves, I have not seen you for ages!

Using the evolution layer is one thing, using the cell based structure is another one, if you have enough of drawers :).

It just hit me last night, exactly as I said.

There’s always more to learn.

I’ll look into those.