What should I use for Evolution - customer's perspective or mine perspective?

Hi folks …

I’ve just watched the cool intro video by @bemosior above and have a question.

Focussing on the ‘assembly’ activity for the burrito. The customer perception might be that this is a standard thing to be able to do (commodity) but I’m a bit a numpty in the kitchen, and so it’s a (custom build) for my capabilities … Should I be mapping from the customer’s view, my competence/capability, or both?

It strikes me that both would illustrate customer perception (expected experience) and my competence (reality) with a delta between them, which illustrates the business risk.

Or am I overthinking this? … :slight_smile:

It is a very common challenge.

A map below shows a hyper correct way of representing your challenge. But nobody does it this way, people tend to show only one component.

The practice is to represent what customers (or the market) expect (a commodity).

Sometimes, you can place the component in the custom space when you want to highlight the uncertainty associated with it.

In other words - it all depends on what message do you want to send with your map.

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Thanks @chris.daniel … That makes sense.

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Sometimes using the pipeline convey the same info.

Like to OWM Map https://onlinewardleymaps.com/#2trcWhM8diPF0C4Vfz

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Thanks @julius.gb … If that is (syntactically) an appropriate thing to do, it’s a very elegant approach … and adds yet more value to the map! :star2:

Gosh, I’m embarrassed by that burrito video. Hah! But yes, this is a super common thing to bump into, and I think the folks here answered it amazingly. :slight_smile:

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Now I have to watch it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Does anyone else suddenly feel hungry? … :yum:

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