Who does SC work?

I’m four days in as Scrum Master at a large defence contractor.

I’ve already told the seniors on my project that the shambles could easily result in the company being broken up and government contracts being offered to American companies.

They agree and shared that they are establishing a strategic planning activity.

I told them about Wardley mapping and said I would see if Simon wants to talk with them.

They really do have existential threats, yet die hards believe their projects to be too important to fail.

Are there any Security Cleared or preferably Defence Vetted mappers prepared to have a conversation?

Not with me, with the person joining this strategy group. I’m busy in the developer teams. I learnt my lesson about getting involved above my pay grade with the strategic planning group in HMRC.

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I put out a bat signal and linked back to this thread.

Map Camp is coming up 13 October, and if you do any tweeting that might be a good time to put a request out into the universe and tag Simon. Lots of eyeballs then.

Would you like to share a bit more details about this aspect? Are you up for a 30 min talk?