Phase I - 1 - Development - Know Your Users - Know Who Are Your Users

This is a Request For Comments about how to structure doctrine in terms of microdoctrine (a pattern language for implementing and learning doctrine)

Phase: Stop Self Harm
Category: Development
Principle: Know Your Users
Practice: Know Who Are Your Users

Any value we create is through meeting the needs of others. A mantra of “not sucking as much as the competitors” is not acceptable. We must be the best we can be.

Consider these first:

Illustrative description:
In order to meet the needs of others, we need to know who they are.

Detailed description:
List who are your users. Is there a difference between the literal users and the paying customer? List the users and the customers. Is there a difference between users and customers and the business? List the business as a user. Consider the different users within the business, like shareholders and staff, list these. Do you have different staff users like sales, development, procurement, or operations? List these.


Consider next:
Know What Your Users Are Trying To Achieve or Listen To Your Users

Reproduced and adapted from writings by Simon Wardley under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.