Phase I - 2 - Development - Focus On User Needs

This is a Request For Comments about how to structure doctrine in terms of microdoctrine (a pattern language for implementing and learning doctrine)

Phase: Stop Self Harm
Category: Development
Principle: Focus On User Needs

Any value we create is through meeting the needs of others. A mantra of “not sucking as much as the competitors” is not acceptable. We must be the best we can be. [source]

Consider these first:
Know Your Users

Illustrative description:
The first thing to do is to understand that you’re talking about user needs not your needs. You might need to make revenue and profit but that is NOT your user need. Meet the needs of your users, then hope to make revenue and profit, not the other way around.

Detailed description:
Do not focus on your needs. Focus on the user needs. You must identify the user needs. Who your users are will determine what practices are applicable to focus on user needs. For individual users, Identify End User Needs. For users that are organizations, Examine Transactions. It may be beneficial to Align Value Generation With User Needs. For each user need, Consider Stage of Evolution.

Identify End User Needs
Examine Transactions
Align Value Generation With User Needs
Consider Stage of Evolution

Consider next:
Know The Details

Reproduced and adapted from writings by Simon Wardley under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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In Alex Hudson’s eBook: he suggests Customer Journey Maps → Mind maps to think through User Needs. Is this good advice or just adding more complication?

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I am of mind that whatever way most effective for you to Focus On User Needs, that way should be the way. The content here, is a way to accomplish Focus On User Needs, but not the way. The main idea being that practices here are something to get started with.

I think it would be perfectly valid to add another Practice that is based on Alex Hudson’s work along the lines of Customer Journey Maps → Mind maps.

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